Alleviate Back Pain With These Simple Stretches

We all know that exercise can help you lose weight, tone and sculpt your muscles, get your heart rate going and do a lot more. 

And, it can even correct your posture. 

Sitting for several hours a day and straining your neck to look down while doing so leads to tightness in the front of the ribs and adds pressure on the back muscles.

Posture exercises focus on strengthening your rib cage. It relieves tightness in the torso and in other attached muscles like the neck, abdomen and upper back, to bring your posture back to its proper alignment. 

Improve your posture by doing these exercises for 5 minutes a day. 

A. Seated Cat-Cow

1. Find a comfortable sitting position, interlace your fingers and put them behind your head.

2. As you inhale open your elbows wide. At the same time, lift your chin and chest upwards to form an arch in your upper back.

3. As you exhale hug your elbows in while rounding the back.

4. Repeat  5 times and make sure to coordinate your breathing and movement.

B. Seated Side Bend

1. Find a comfortable sitting position.

2. As you inhale, raise your left arm up above your shoulder.

3. As you exhale, bend over to your right, placing your right hand on the ground.

4. Stay for 5 breaths and repeat using your right arm.

C. Sphinx Pose

1. Lie on your tummy with your legs hip-width distance apart.

2. Place your forearms beneath your shoulders, hands in line with the elbows.

3. As you inhale, press down into your forearms, moving your chest forward. 

4. Stay for 5 slow breaths. Be sure to elongate your spine as you inhale and pull in your abdomen in as you exhale.

D. Shoulder Stretch

1. Stand with your feet hip-width distance apart, with a yoga strap, scarf or towel clasped in both hands behind your back.

2. Turn your biceps, inner elbows, and palms away from your body to create an external rotation.

3. Gently pull the strap, scarf or towel apart to create a gentle arch in your upper back.

4. Hold the stretch for 5 deep breaths, then release slowly.

E. Rag Doll 

1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart.

2. Bend your knees and bow forward at the hips, resting your chest on your thighs.

3. Clasp opposite elbows with your hands and inhale deeply. Exhale as you release the tension in your neck and back.

4. Hang in this position for 5 deep breaths.

These exercises will certainly be a great help in improving your posture. But there’s something else that can help as well.