Does Posture Correction Really Matter?

“Sit up straight.” 

“Don’t slouch.”

“Keep your shoulders back.”

Remember when your mom would nag you about your bad posture? 

Well, she may have been simply worried about your appearance then, but today, research shows that bad posture can cause excessive strain on our postural muscles. 

Normally, we don’t consciously think about  maintaining our normal posture because there are already certain muscles which do it for us. These are called postural muscles like the hamstrings, the large back muscles, as well as the ligaments that hold our skeleton together. These postural muscles prevent the forces of gravity from pushing us over forward. And they also maintain our posture and balance during movement. 

Posture correction definitely does matter because we need to make sure that our postural muscles are working optimally.  

Here are some reasons why we need to correct our posture :

  1. It helps us stand, walk, sit and lie in positions that place minimum strain on supporting muscles and ligaments while you move or lift objects.
  2. Keeps bones and joints properly aligned so muscles are used correctly. This decreases the abnormal wearing down of joints which could result in arthritis and joint pain.
  3. Reduces stress on ligaments which keep the spinal joints intact. This lessens the risk of injury.
  4. Makes muscles work more efficiently, thus the need for less energy which prevents muscle fatigue
  5. Prevents muscle strain, disorders due to overuse, and back and muscular pain. 

Maintaining proper posture requires muscle flexibility and strength as well as normal movement of the joints in the spine and other body areas. This makes your postural muscles balanced on both sides of your spine.  

You must also be more aware of your postural habits at home and in the workplace and try your best to correct them, if necessary.

One way of doing this is to wear a body posture corrector that can improve your posture in two weeks! The way it does this is it works on muscle memory to keep your good picture in place.