Did you know that chairs have been around since 3100 BC and that for many centuries it was a symbol of authority?

During that time, only royalty or highly ranked individuals could sit on chairs, while the ordinary folks had to sit on chests, benches, and stools. Chairs then were made of wood and were only 10 inches high - much lower than the one's today. 

It was only during the 16th century that chairs became a standard piece of furniture. And at that time, they were flat, firm and properly proportioned for the human body.  

Today, with the availability of all sorts of materials chairs are now more comfortable to sit in but are poorly designed and quite bad for our back. 

They are designed to be too deep or too soft. When a chair is too deep, the backrest is too far from the edge, you can’t put your feet flat on the ground without slouching. And when they’re too soft, it causes your hip bones to fall back, causing your spine to bend into a C shape. 

Good thing there are tips on how to sit in a chair comfortably and with a straight spine.

1. Sit on the edge. 

Sit on the hard, front part of the chair where you can use the frame as support. Forget about the backrest.  Sitting at the edge makes it easier to prevent your pelvis from tucking under your spine and causing your back to become a C shape. And keep your knees below the hip socket, not at the same level.  You’ll be more comfortable and less likely to slump if that angle between your torso and legs are bigger than 90 degrees. 

2. Build a perch. 

Take a firm pillow or a thick, wool blanket or jacket or even a rolled-up yoga mat and put it a few inches away from the chair’s front edge. Then sit down in front of it so the pillow will tilt your pelvis forward while elevating you a bit above the chair. This gives you something firm to hold up your sitting bones. And it raises your hips a bit which makes it easier for your knees to drop and your legs to find a comfortable position (which is about 120 degrees from your torso). 

3. Build out the back.

This tip is really more for while you’re in your car. You have to be up against the backrest and headrest for safety reasons. Unfortunately, most backrests in cars and airplanes are shaped like a C, so you are forced to slump and bend your spine. 

So, build up the backrest so it’s more planar, turning the C shape into an I shape. Grab one of your perching props -   firm pillow, blanket or sweater and place it right at your mid-back.

Then elongate your spine by gently stretching your back over the pillow, making your car seat more comfortable. 

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