How Poor Posture Can Affect Your Health

People say that being able to do practically everything online has revolutionized our lifestyle. 

It saves time and energy. 

It saves gasoline and the environment. 

It has made everything more convenient.

But there’s one drawback. The unusually long hours' people spend hunched over their computer has caused back problems and poor posture. And to make things worse, poor posture can lead to even more health issues. 

 Here are some of them: 

1. Upper and lower body pain. Because poor posture can cause a misalignment of the spine, it can bring about pain in your upper body like your neck, shoulder, or back. And it can also injure your lower extremities even when you’re just sitting. The joints in your lower body are closely connected to your spine and posture. So if there is an imbalance caused by poor posture, it can strain your hips, knees, and feet.  


2. Poor blood circulation. Sitting in front of the computer the whole day can prevent your body from getting the circulation it needs.  And when your circulation slows down, it could lead to varicose veins. So make sure to get up and move several times a day. Or make postural changes to get your circulation going.


3. Fatigue. If you’ve noticed your energy levels dropping and you feel tired more often then that’s due to poor posture. Poor posture adds stress and tension on body parts that are not equipped to hold up that much pressure. So it wears down our muscles, bones, joints, and ligaments. It also requires more energy and effort to maintain and compensate for the uneven distribution of weight.


4. Breathing difficulty. Breathing properly means that your diaphragm has enough space to release and contract with each breath.  And your body can breathe at its best when it is straight and aligned properly. But if your posture is poor and your spine, misaligned, it restricts the movement of your diaphragm and affects your breathing as well. This is crucial because your body needs oxygen to restore and heal cells. Full, deep breaths help your brain, heart, and other vital organs function properly. 


5. Headaches. Headaches caused by poor posture usually originate from the base of your neck and radiate up. If your neck muscles are tight, they can send pain shooting up to the head.  This is usually caused by a forwarding head posture, with your head stretched out in front of your shoulder and trunk. This places stress on the joints and muscles in your upper neck. To prevent this,  make sure your monitor is 18 inches in front of you at eye level. 


So the next time you find yourself slouching or hunched over, make sure to stand up straight with your shoulders back, and your head held high. Do it for your posture and for your health.