How Your Diet Affects Your Posture

Did you know that what you eat can actually affect your posture?  

Contrary to what you think you know, that posture only has to do with your physical structure like  bones and body alignment and such, your age, height, level of fatigue and work habits are factors too. And so is your diet.

Eating the wrong kind of food can make you gain excessive weight.  And the more you weigh, the more it can ruin your posture. Being too heavy bears down on your bones, muscles and joints which can cause an unnatural curve of the spine. Extra weight in your stomach also pulls your pelvis forward and strains the lower back which causes pain in that area. 

Your nutrient intake is also important. There is a condition called kyphosis which is an exaggerated forward rounding of the back. This results when osteoporosis causes the spinal bones to weaken and compress. Osteoporosis is caused by a low calcium and vitamin D intake, both crucial to bone health, posture, muscle performance, balance and risk of falling. 

Too much alcohol, caffeine, coffee and soft drinks are also bad for bone health because they interfere with calcium absorption which can lead to bone loss. 

On the other hand, poor posture can also affect the way you absorb and digest food. 

The way you stand, sit, lie down or move can greatly affect your digestion. It all starts with the position of the jaw which you use to chew. If the jaw is misaligned, it causes you to chew improperly or less effectively. And when this happens, the body is not able to absorb the food’s nutrients properly. 

Bad posture, like a forward leaning torso, can lead to a hernia, which likewise prevents your body from receiving the nutrients it needs. This same slumped forward posture also compresses the intestines which prevent the food from moving along the way it should.

 Now that you know how interrelated eating and posture is, it’s important to not just watch what you eat, but you also need to pay attention to how you eat it. 

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